Learning how to climb up on chairs is a skill that should not be underestimated. Whole worlds open up to the blessed few who can access table tops.
Mom tells me to "Sit Down," but let's get real. How am I supposed to get any perspective on my artwork from here?

Today, I helped Mom make cookies. Usually this means that I come up with a great idea, i.e. "let's make cookies!" and then stick around long enough to be sure it will actually happen before consuming myself in something more fun. Today, I did it all: made sure all the ingredients were on the counter. Measured everything, broke the egg, poured everything into the bowl, mixed the batter (and later "folded" the walnuts into the batter), greased the cookie sheets, spooned the batter onto the cookie sheets, and even did my part to help clean, as seen below. We'll call it "the first rinse."
I thought the cookies were great. Dad said, "HMMMM! They taste really.... healthy."

Coming from the guy who's sprouting lentils,
I'm not sure that's as negative as his tone implied.
We've entered into a "raw food heavy" season of prepping and eating food at Chez Grossman. Mostly, dad's learning all kinds of new tricks, most of which involve submerging beans and nuts under water for days at a time. You can only imagine the sight of our kitchen these days: little pools of beans and nuts, jars overflowing with sprouts...
and me just wondering, "Are the cookies done, yet?"

Jezzy recieved her quilt from the Gammas today. It's a tradition among mom's group of college friends that every baby gets a quilt composed of individually-made-with-love squares, assembled by the Master Gamma Crafter Mellisa. I have one, now Jez has one, too.
We are lucky and loved!


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  1. Wow. Look at all that growing up that is happening! So happy she likes her quilt, now she can wrap up in gamma love.