If  one were ever to wonder what's going on at our house, the odds are VERY good that there is a "show" going on. Right now. That's very likely what we're doing--or SOMEone's doing, anyway. A "Show" does not require an audience--which is a good thing, because they are  24/7 (less some sleeping and eating). Mike and I can often be heard muttering such things as, "Is that what it was like living with Irving Berlin?" 

Sometimes it's cover or holiday tunes... but mostly, it's improv. In the next post, you have a rendition of "Jingle" ---Bell Rock  by Nona; Bells by Jezebel. It didn't seem to bother either one that the other was doing a different tune. 

If not performing, I'm drawing pictures of performing.
Why yes, those are stage lights.

Jez started Preschool this week! Typical second child--doesn't get the "smile on the porch with your backpack and lunch and sweet little outfit" picture, but, rather the "Oh Shoot! I forgot to take her picture! Good thing she's just downstairs and my phone doubles as a camera. Oh, it's nap time? That'll do." picture. 

But it is representative of how tired these days have made her. LOTS of activity and kiddos packed into her days now! 

And, today, the park for some sunshine and sticks.

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