The Results (thus far) Are In

You'll have to click on these pix and make them bigger to see them, I imagine. 
If that doesn't work, you can just take our word for it. We're BRILLIANT and PERFECT in every way. 

Jezebel has fallen into the swing of preschool very happily and REALLY loves that they go swimming three days a week. On Monday, she starts Tennis Lessons (!) as part of the weekly routine. Gotta love the Y! My favorite part, of course, is that I get to peek in on her and she gets to come visit me for quick hugs throughout the day. Doesn't get any better for a working mama!

Winnie continues to love Kindergarten... and read her first book ALL BY HERSELF on Thursday night (while mom was drinking wine and watching movies with friends-- doh!) Dad heard it, though... and she did a replay for me on Friday.

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