Weekend Plans

On Friday evening after work, I ran into a good friend at the grocery store. She asked what I was doing that night and I think I let a good full 15 seconds tick as I thought about it. "Nothing" wasn't quite right. But how does one say...

 "Well, I'm going to hang with Gypsy Princess and Kangaroo Ballerina (don't ask-- no one really knows) in our tent city that doubles as a bear cave. There will be moments of tenderness...

and bursts of chaos...

We'll be using a placemat from a Chinese restaurant as a Pirate's Treasure Map to determine where the Saucy Gold Bowl is buried, awaiting our discovery...(Turns out: in Mama's underwear drawer. Who knew?  Adds a whole new meaning to the term "pirate's booty," I tell ya...!)
...and we'll be tucking our babies into bed at the very end of it all--far past our bedtime because even though I kept SAYING, 'Ok, let's brush our teeth and get to bed' I didn't really MEAN it because it was all just too sweet and fun."

I couldn't quite come up with all that, there on Aisle 3, and said something like,
"Hanging with the girls...." Which, is another way of putting it, I guess.

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