craft time

Whenever life's pace picks up too much, a good round of crafting goes a long way in slowing things down. It's a perfect blend of being together (all in the same room!) and pursuing individual activities (you throw a party for all your stuffed animals while Daddy plays music and I...

make little felty guys
 that spell out "Jezebel" for her birthday
 and make this picnic quilt for our summer adventures... I've been eyeing this pattern in this great little sewing book for years, and have always been turned off by the "Advanced/ Time: Weekend" (read: this will take me three months of focused effort and frustration). But I was feeling bold and had all the materials I needed (less the bias tape), so I went for it. It is mistake RIDDEN and I think I may have finally learned my lesson around the importance of measuring twice and cutting once.... but it's complete and ready for some beach/park fun. The girls have already rolled themelves up into it, so the freshly ironed, just made look is long gone. I'm letting go.)

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