Kinder's End

Remember this? Well, that was a whole school year ago... Winona wraps it up in Kindergarten tomorrow. Here's a little art and homework retrospective on a truly great year in the life of wee Winnie Lou....

"This is a picture of me marrying Toa. I have three crushes. The guy who played Jack in Into the Woods. Connor (from her preschool) and Toa. Connor has my heart."

 "I like flamingos" and "If I had $100 I would go to tea with my Mommy." (Influenced by a wonderful Christmas tea party from Aunt Jenny!)

Math and "You are the best, Jezebel. I love you!"
Jezzie's birthday song: "Jezebel I love you as the morning sun. Mommy tucks (tux!) you in bed as the morning sun.Winona holds you in her arms. We love you... ya ya ya ya ya ya" and two of her many awards for being a Spot On Student! :)
 Ode to Cats: "I like cats because they are soft. Do you like cats? I like cats." and, Ode to Frogs: "Frogs live in the world on the lily pad. He likes to tap and eat flies."
 Her lunch box note today (today was the last FULL day... tomorrow is basically "show up, pack up your cubby and hug your teacher" morning... 
She's such a fun, sweet kid. We are so blessed... and so looking forward to not having to get her little Kinder-self to school by 7:40 for a looooooong time! Happy summer!

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