Little Monkey, you woke up so early today. You're at that wonderful age where you understood only that "Birthday!" meant a good, fun thing... but, what? What was in store? You rose mighty early to get us all up and going to find out...
Joy of joys: birthdays mean "presents!" 
(I had seen that one coming--my sister had given me fair warning!)

I am one lucky, happy girl with the loot I hauled in...

We played with the new toys for awhile, while mom made a cake-- (things continue to look promising!)--and then walked to the park for a picnic, despite cloudy and slightly wet weather.
My favorite food: 

Then home for what turned into a really long nap (this birthday stuff is exhausting!), a delicious homemade mac 'n cheese by Daddy... and then...

  I'm THREE!
I'm full of antics, tricks to get you to smile. I laugh easily myself, even when I am trying to be mad. My smile scrunches up my whole face and beams out of my eyes. I care deeply about what is going on around me, and pay close attention to everything. I worry when others are sad and hurt, and do what I can to fix it. My sister is hilarious and I LOVE her. I love to cuddle and give huge kisses. I am brave. I take easily to water and heights, and can hold my own, thank you very much. 

I can do it "by myself."
Then I'll sing you a song. Then it's my sister's turn.
Then I run away from my toothbrush and pjs until you catch me and I make you laugh.
Then I negotiate for Five More Minutes.
And then I need a long, cozy snuggle.


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