It's been awhile... and there's absolutely no good reason for it; we've been the opposite of busy--spending our weekends playing in the yard, poolside and picnicking... as you'll see below. 
Went to the pool on the first day of summer--although the season has been pretty damp and chilly thus far, we got lucky on June 20th, so we---and everyone else in the county--headed to the pool. 
Both girls are in swim lessons at the Y--and getting some pretty great skills!

 Dad's Day was another beautiful day (no one's going to believe my tales of rain and woe, I guess)--so we biked down to the park for a picnic and some play time.

 I'm in camp! They do this kind of stuff at camp.

And, as has become a tradition, we had a soltsice bonfire, complete with s'mores (mission impossible: making s'more without "frankenfood"-- but Mi-del makes a pretty decent, if crumbly, graham cracker and we managed to find a HFCs-free marshmallow--and the girls were none the wiser. :)

Happy summer, everyone! With love, The Happy Campers.

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